Lisk.Fund provides trade liquidity and investment to the Lisk eco-system.
Buy and sell large blocks of Lisks with trusted escrow.

(Minimum trade 100 BTC)

Internet of Things

Use Lisk Decentralized Applications and custom blockchains to empower your IoT gadget or network!

Multi-Platform Support

Lisk is 100% open source and runs on everything from high performance servers to low end ARM devices.

Blockchain as a Service

Run the Lisk platform instantly on any VPS and even a Rasberry Pi and easily build a scalable infrastructure.

  • Lisk is a highly optimized Blockchain meets Sidechains. Written entirely in Javascript, it makes building Decentralized Applications easier than ever.
  • By integrating Sidechain technology Lisk is solving the scalability issue that affects all of the other blockchain platforms.
  • Lisk is the 2nd largest crowdfunded blockchain projects of all time raising $5.88 Million from nearly 4000 participants.
    (Wikipedia: List of highest funded crowdfunding projects)
  • Lisk is building on top of the long standing and well known cryptocurrency project Crypti, absorbing a large pre-existing community.
  • 85% of the Lisk tokens were distributed to those who participated in the crowdfund.
  • Relative to Ethereum and other investments in the Decentralized Application and Blockchain industries, the Lisk market capitalization has the potential to grow over 10,000%.
  • Inspired by Ethereum and the need for a simpler way to develop on the blockchain, Lisk allows easy Dapp development with Javascript, the most widespread programming language in the world.
  • Lisk launched in early 2016, at a time when blockchain technology investments and mainstream attention are growing at an exponential rate.
  • Lisk is in a unique, well funded and flexible position to build a brand new decentralized application platform based on all the latest cutting edge research and development stemming from projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, Zcash, MaidSafe, Zeronet, Augur and Factom.
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